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Bday St. Louis

Myseum's birthday parties are scientifically fun.  We have fun down to a science.
Enjoy a private party room with all of your friends and then have full access to all of the cool Myseum exhibits. Parents, we’ve simplified pricing and made the Myseum party experience as fun and carefree as possible for you and your birthday child.

Birthday Party in St. Louis, Town N Country. Kids Bday




The Stuart Birthday Bash

Birthday Party for up to 15 children for $225.00 
$10.95 per additional child
No additional charge for adults and children 1 and under.
One party room accommodates 20 children. Over 20 children requires an adjoining party room for an additional $40.00 during the same time slot.
A private party room
Have your own private party room for 60 minutes.
Full admission to Myseum
You and your guests stay as long as you like (until we close that is).
Party Pro
A party pro to help make sure your party runs smoothly.
Cool Experiments
If you like, choose a fun and amazing staff led experiment during the 60 minute party room time.
Birthday Gift
Each child celebrating their birthday party will receive a special birthday gift.
Paper Products
Myseum will provide the children with plates, napkins, cups and utensils. Alternatively, the party host is welcome to bring in their own.

15-20 Kids: Up to Two 96 oz bottles of apple juice or Two 2 liter bottles of soda

21-35 Kids: Up to Three 96 oz bottles of apple juice or Three 2 liter bottles of soda

36-50 Kids: Up to Four 96 oz bottles of apple juice or Four 2 liter bottles of soda

Additional Bottles of Juice or Soda: $3.50 each
Party Invites &
Thank You Notes
Print our party invites and thank you notes for free.  
Birthday Party in St. Louis, Town N Country. Kids Bday
Birthday Party in St. Louis, Town N Country. Kids Bday
 Birthday Party in St. Louis, Town N Country. Kids Bday

To reserve a party, just call Myseum
(636-220-7930) and a helpful staff
member will walk you through the steps. 
Call at least 3 weeks ahead of time to get the perfect party day and party time.

 Available Party Times

Friday & Saturday: 10:30, 12:00 , 1:30, 3:00, 4:30
Sunday: 11:30, 1:00, 2:30
Monday-Thursday: 10:30, 12:00, 1:30, 3:00

View our party calendar

Birthday Party in St. Louis, Town N Country. Kids Bday 

Party Rooms

Birthday Party in St. Louis, Town N Country. Kids BdayOne party room reservation is for 60 minutes.  The cost of an adjoining room (if available) during the reserved time is an additional $40.00.  A $90.00 deposit is required to reserve a party room time slot.

All parties must begin on time at their scheduled time and must not exceed their scheduled time.
Parties with over 40 children are generally held on the following days/times:

Fridays at 4:30
Saturdays at 10:30 or 4:30
Sundays at 2:30


Birthday Party in St. Louis, Town N Country. Kids Bday 


Please remind guests that SOCKs are required to play on the slide and inflatables.  Our invitations have a note indicating Socks are required and we sell socks, $2 per pair.

We recommend that you have your guests arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled party to ensure a timely start.  Myseum cannot guarantee a party room reservation for parties that arrive late.  However, we will make every effort to ensure the party continues as planned.



Party Experiment Options

  • Radical Reaction What is a reaction? Make your very own Sticky, Gooey, Glow in the Dark Slime!  For Ages 5+
  • Hello, Helicopters What helicopter works the best? Build a paper helicopter and experiment with the design to see what flies best in our wind tunnels. Take your creation home when you’re finished. For Ages 6+
  • Fantastic Fingerprints Do you know what your fingerprints look like? Learn about the different fingerprint patterns and compare your prints with your friends and family. For Ages 6+
  • Elephant Toothpaste Are all reactions the same?  Watch this Fun and Fizzy Demo ignite before your eyes.  For Ages 2-4
Party Pro   Chap
A dedicated party pro will help ensure the party runs smoothly. Depending on your choices, your party pro will: assist the host with cakes, etc. to the room, provide entertainment/experiment, record gift info., help serve food and drinks, clean-up room, help round-up kids if your party is after play, provide a gift wagon and assist with taking gifts to the car   Parent/chaperone supervision during the birthday party is essential at all times and the responsibility of the party host.  Myseum requires 1 parent/chaperone per 5 children. Parent admission is complimentary for this purpose. 




Talk to your Myseum representative about whether it’s best for your party to have the party room activities before or after play.    A final head count will be made the day of the party to ensure proper pricing.  Final payment-in-full is made at the completion of the party.  Payment may be made with cash, check, or credit card.  We do not keep your credit card on file, so please make sure to settle up at the end of the party.


Deposits are refundable greater than 30 days before the scheduled party. If 30 days or less, deposits are not refunded, but you may transfer to a new open date, if the new scheduled date is within three months of the original party date. If the party is not rescheduled, deposit is non-refundable. If a party is scheduled and failure to show the day of the party, customer’s credit card may be charged for the entire party package price. Party must be cancelled in writing (email is acceptable) for the protection of the customer.  

Additional adjoining party room requests, must be cancelled greater than 14 days prior the scheduled party otherwise the additional room fee will apply.

 A Room Agreement will be sent to the Party Host the week before the party so the party host is clear on Myseum's policies and to confirm the agreeded upon: Date of the Party, Room Time, Length of Room Time, Drink Choice, Number of Rooms and Experiment Choice.  This Room Agreement needs to be signed and returned before or on the day of the party.

Outside   Decor

Outside food is acceptable. Food warmers are not allowed due to safety risks.  Only non-alcoholic beverages are permitted. 

Domino's Pizza is offering a special if you mention the order is for Myseum. Buy 3 or more large one topping pizzas and ï»¿get each pizza for $7.00.  Plus they will waive the delivery fee. (636) 391-6304 

Subway is offering a special on there Box Lunch Program for Myseum Customers. (636) 227-0171  Sandwich, Chips and a Cookie:$6 < 15 Box Lunches                                                   $5.5 >=15 Box Lunches               Sandwich and Chips $5.5 <  15 Box Lunches                                                   $5  >=15 Box Lunches


Outside decorations such as balloons and banners are permitted.   However, thumb tacks, tape or anything that may damage walls, door or room dividers are not allowed.  Piñatas,confetti, glitter, silly string, noisemakers, or other similar items are not allowed.  

Interested in Unique Goodie Bags and Party Decorations?  Then check out ww.partybagsplus.com.   Delivery to Myseum is free.  



Outside   Poliies
Should you choose to bring outside entertainment, the entertainment must be pre-approved by Myseum and  done in the party room.  No live animals are allowed, unless they are service animals.
  Myseum and its individual staff members are not responsible for any personal belongings that may have been lost or stolen including items placed in day-of storage.

Myseum wants everyone to have a great time, but management has the right to eject any individual or group for rowdy, disruptive or unsafe behavior.

Myseum does not allow birthday cake, cupcakes, party food or party items without a reserved party room.






Party Invites & Thank You Notes

Printable & foldable notes

  Click Here to view and print invitations from Myseum Click Here to view and print thank you cards from Myseum


Fillable PDFs for sending electronically

  Click Here to view and customize invitations from Myseum Click Here to view and customize thank you cards from Myseum

Thank you for choosing Myseum for a very special day.  


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