1Is Myseum designed for a specific age level?
Myseum is designed for the entire family! Children 2-12 will probably get the most out of our exhibits. Myseum has exhibits for all age ranges as well as a dedicated toddler area.
2When is the best time to visit Myseum?
Any time is a great time to visit! During the weekends, after 3:00 pm are usually the least crowded. During the school year, weekdays tend not to be too busy, but field trips may be scheduled so we recommend calling ahead.
3Where can I see photos of Myseum?
All throughout our website as well as our Facebook page. We would love to see your pictures from your visit at Myseum. Please visit our Facebook page and post them to our wall.
4How would you best describe Myseum?
Children’s museum + science center + indoor playground = Myseum
5Are strollers allowed?
Visitors are welcome to bring in their own strollers.
6Are field trips available?
Yes, we love field trips! Please see our Field Trips page for information.
7How long should we plan to visit?
The duration of a visit generally depends on the ages of the children. Families should allow two to four hours to visit, but are welcome to stay the entire day.
8Do you have a cafe or restaurant in Myseum?
Myseum has light, prepackaged snacks and beverages available in our gift shop. Although we don't have our own food counter, Town & Country has some great restaurants. We'd love for you to check out some of our neighbors! Most of them are within walking distance in Lamp and Lantern Village. If you'd prefer to pack a lunch, you're welcome to use our café area located in the front of our space. . Remember that your admission is good for all day. If you need to leave for lunch or a nap, just hang onto your receipt (or grab some readmission stickers) and come back later in the afternoon!
9How do I schedule a birthday party?
Reservations can be made by calling us at 636-220-7930. Please also visit our Parties page for additional details.
10Is admission good for the entire day?
Yes! Your admission is good for the entire day. Families are welcome to leave and return the same day with a sticker available at the front desk.
11How do I request a donation from Myseum for a charity?
Myseum supports hundreds of local nonprofit organizations annually by donating passes to assist fundraising. Due to the volume of the requests received, organizations must meet the following guidelines to be considered.


  • Myseum considers donation requests from 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations whose work is to enhance the lives of children.
  • Donation requests for charitable events in the state of Missouri and parts of Illinois will be considered. Other out-of-state requests cannot be fulfilled.
    • Submitting a Request

      Please send the following information to staff@stlmyseum.com

      • Organization name
      • If This organization is a registered 501(c)(3) organization
      • Primary contact name & phone #
      • Mailing address
      • Contact email address
      • Date of event
      • Brief description of cause and beneficiary of fundraiser
      • Donation request document on organization letterhead

      One request per organization will be considered per calendar year

      The standard donation is a Myseum pass for two adults and two children.

      All requests are evaluated on an individual basis.

      Requests are not accepted by phone.

      Submitting a request does not guarantee a donation.

12Are Gift Certificates available?
Yes, please call 636-220-7930 to purchase or stop in. We can mail the gift certificates, if you like.
13Are Socks required at Myseum?
Yes, Socks are required for all, both big and small. If you forget your socks, you can buy a pair for $2..
14Can I drop my kids off at Myseum?
The rule at Myseum has always been that every kid must have a grown-up, and every grown-up must have a kid! Although our staff does an amazing job of maintaining a safe, fun environment, we are not a childcare facility and are not staffed adequately to supervise your child while they play in Myseum. We serve as a unique community location where kids and their grown-ups can play, grow and learn together. And parent-child connections are one of the greatest contributors to a happy, healthy child.
15Do you have Wi-Fi available in Myseum?
Yes. However, we would encourage screen-free play, for kiddos and grown-ups! If you can, try to put your phone away and enjoy some unplugged play with your kids. Or pretend it's 1999 and talk to some of the other grown-ups!
16How much does it cost to get into Myseum?
Admission for children 2-17 is $10.95, for adults is $5.95, and for seniors is $4.95. Toddlers under 2 are admitted free
17Why do adults have to pay to get into Myseum?
Great question! Adults often ask us why they are charged admission, especially when the kids are doing most of the playing. We have a few helpful answers for that:


  • 1) Although we understand that grown-ups sometimes need a break from the often exhausting task of caring for kids, Myseum is not a childcare facility. We exist as a community advocate for caregiver-child interaction.
  • After all, as an adult you are your child's first play partner. Your involvement helps to scaffold your child's ability to play in ways that are more sustained and sophisticated through your comments, questions and prompting.

    While kids are often perfectly content playing on their own or with peers, they also need time to bond with their parents or caregivers. This is a critical building block necessary for child-development.

  • 2) Research shows us that adults who spend time playing tend to be more creative, less stressed and better at solving problems!
  • 3) Charging a fee for adults helps us keep admission costs lower across the board.
18Can I bring my coffee / lunch / snacks into Myseum?
Yes, If you want to eat lunch during your visit, you are welcome to bring in a cooler (or have food delivered) and use our café area located in the front of our space. We just ask that you do NOT bring food or beverages onto the exhibit floor. This helps keep Myseum in great shape for future visitors.