Field Trips at Myseum

Myseum field trips are unique, highly interactive, educational and FUN. Our field trips are great for school groups, scouts, private parties, home school groups, religious groups, camps and more. All Myseum field trips are self-guided and at your own pace. You choose your type of field trip:

  • Free Play - Explore Myseum and have fun.
  • Rigamajig – Incorporate Rigamajig into your field trip! Rigamajig encourage kids to work together and complete challenging engineering tasks.

All groups must pre-register and provide a 50% deposit to receive group rates and to ensure availability. Booking must be completed at least a minimum of 5 days in advance (per availability) of your planned visit.

Cancellation Policy: Deposits are refundable greater than 30 days before the scheduled Field Trip. If 30 days or less, deposits are not refundable. Deposits may be transferred to a new open date, within twelve months of the original Field Trip date.


Field Trip Terms

  • A minimum of 12 children (maximum of 80) is required to receive field trip pricing. If, on the day of the field trip less than 12 children attend, the price charged will be the lower of 12 children at the field trip rate or general admission pricing for all children and adults.
  • 1 adult chaperone for every 5 children is required.
  • **Please note that any chaperone over the 1 to 5 limit is required to pay admission fee of $5.95 per adults. 60 and older will be $4.95. 
  • Socks Required.
  • Field trips are limited to a 3-hour stay.

Field Trip Pricing

  • $8.95/child for Non-Profit 501(c)(3). A Missouri Limited Exemption form is required for tax exempt status.
  • 9.95+tax/child for other groups.
  • 1 chaperone per 5 children, any additional adults $5.95. Any chaperone over the limit that is 60 + is $4.95 per adult.

Fundraiser Pricing / Terms

  • $10.95/child for Non-Profit 501(c)(3). $3/child refunded to Non-Profit 501(c)(3).
  • Myseum is shared with other general admission customers.
  • No charge for the adult chaperones. 1 adult chaperone for every 5 children required.
  • Booking must be completed at least 24 hours in advance.
  • A minimum of 12 children is required for fundraising pricing.
  • Early Releases or Friday nights are the best times for fundraisers at Myseum.
  • Non-Profit 501(c)(3) will organize the fundraiser. Many use flyers and flyers are used for entrance into Myseum the night of the event.
  • Another fundraiser option is to rent Myseum for a private event, 2 hour minimum, at $375 per hour, You decide the pricing. Friday, anytime AFTER 3:30 PM or Saturday/Sunday AFTER 5:30 PM are the best times for this option.

Socks are required for play. Please remind parents that socks are required.

Please call Myseum at (636) 220-7930 to arrange your next field trip or fundraiser.

Rent a party room for Field Trip lunch

Pricing $50.00
Number of Rooms(included in the $50.00 price) 12-20 paying field trip kids: 1 room 21-40 paying field trip kids: 2 rooms 41 & up paying field trip kids: 3 roomsNote: If an additional room(s) is desired (outside of the above parameters), each additional room is $50.00.
Cleaning the Room Participants should dispose of all trash, etc. before leaving room. Should excessive cleaning be required, an additional $50 cleaning fee may be charged to the account. Examples of excessive cleaning are: food thrown on walls, pizza or cake ground into floor, beverages dumped on tables/floor and left, etc.

Crafts or other projects are not allowed in Myseum without prior permission.